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Most people have no idea how to train for fat loss beyond “eat less” and

“exercise more.” And admittedly, that’s a darn good start. But where do you go

from there?

Fela Walker

I began training with Lubov in November of 2009. Not only is she a fantastic trainer, she is genuinely caring about your wellbeing. The exercises are great and not repetitive, she changes it up to make sure we do not get bored. They are also challenging so you know you are working hard and you will definitely see the results when you commit. I have lost 35 pounds with Lu and I feel fantastic. I cannot thank her enough for being such a great trainer and friend.

I also want to mention that she is always punctual, she is very knowledgable and she tailors the workouts to your specific needs. If you have specific issues (my knees give me trouble from time to time) she adjusts the work out for you. (I was only able to choose two things that I like so I thought this was worth mentioning)

Note from Xtreme-

Fela completely changed her life style. Her endurance has grown extremely.  Proud of you, Fela. Keep up the good work!

Coconut Creek, FL

Talia Williams

About 9 months ago I started training with Lu. At first it was to be wedding dress ready, but it turned into way more. During those 9 months I have lost 20 pounds and several inches around parts of my body that I never thought could loose that much. I have not only lost weight but I have also gained an appreciation for working out and taking care of my body. I owe that to Lu. She not only trains you she helps you understand the importance of what you are doing.

During Lu's workouts you work every part of your body. She pushes you to your limit without going over. If you feel like giving up (which I did several times) she reminds you why you are doing this. When you are training she ensures you do every exercise correctly or she will modify that exercise to your level.

I love how every time you workout you don't know what to expect. She changes the routine each time. As soon as you think you know what she is going to do...you don't! I must say that is the best part of her training. It doesn't allow you to get used to the workout.

All in all I would not recommend another trainer. Lubov is absolutely the best. She is caring, tough, and attentive.

And let me add...picking two things you like is not enough. I pick them all! She is neat, effective, and expert, personable, punctual, and tailors to my needs!

Note from Xtreme-

OMG! When Talia first started she was the biggest complainer I have ever had. But I liked her a lot from the very beginning and I knew she was going to make it through... I am so excited that she changed her body tremendously and is going to be the prettiest and a healthier then ever bride.  


Talia had a baby 5 months ago. She trained throughout the entire pregnancy and was back training 4 weeks after giving birth to a healthy baby boy.

Congratulations to the new mommy!

Deerfield Beach, FL

Lady Tra

The years of 2008-2009 after being in my begining 30’s I gained about 30lbs that I don’t know where it came from but I drastically wanted to send it back. I have worked with trainers and dance instructors in the past and nobody compares to Lubov, she is an excellent trainer. I have been training with her since November 2009 until present and she is amazing. i've lost 25 lbs my toned more than that. Not only does she concentrate on your body but also on your mind. She shows you how to eat all day and have a healthier way of life without being bored or having to eat yucky things. She has a cool way of making you mindful of everything, even while your grocery shopping for your groceries or when you are dining out, (I just hear this little voice saying “Traaaaa” lol).

Lubov also pushes you to your full potential while having your full body work out, (Before working with her I never thought a woman can do so many push-ups) but she also shows you how to breathe so you can push to the next level. She even gives us water breaks,lol. During the work out you always have her full attention no matter how many participants are there. Just when you think you are about to give up on your last set, she is right there to hype you up, and it makes you want to complete it. It is such a cool and fun experience working with her that you don’t even realize that the hour has past, although you are sweating like a real gladiator champ.

Next thing you know after a few months under her microscope you look in the mirror and start to see a whole new figure that’s makes you not want to ever stop. I feel like I am becoming an addict, but this is a good addiction for everyone to try. I have also realized that I get better sleep at night and my energy level during the day is at a high.
So if you are reading this be sure to give Lubov a try I guarantee you WILL NOT be disappointed !!!!!

Note from Xtreme-

Lady Traaaaaaa, she is my super abs girl. I love training her because she pushes to the max every time. I won't forget when she first started she thought I was insane.  Now she has become insane about fitness and her body shows all her hard work. Her and Fela are workout partners and they love competing with each other.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Stacey Diassinos

Training with Lu has been an amazing addition to my fitness routine! It has been almost 2years since I have started and I have reached my goal weight and I am my most "fit" ever. I feel great and love the challenging workouts she gives me. Everyday is an exciting new experience and I love coming back for more!! Lu's passion and motivation for what she does keeps me constantly focused on my fitness goals. She is the BEST!!!

Note From Xtreme-

My Stacey, she never gave up. I adore that about her. She knew what she wanted and she went for it! Strong minded girl always, she has a strong body now. You are awesome Stacey!! You look fantastic and I can tell you feel that way as well.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Kath Diassinos

I have had the privilege to train with Lu for two years.  She is a highly energized individual and is motivationally dedicated to my goals and needs.  

She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and is continuously educating herself on different methods and in nutrition.   Her commitment to my physical fitness will always continue to inspire me to achieve the best within myself, and motivate me to believe in myself; to know that my goals are real, and can be met.


Thank you for inspiring me, motivating me, believing in me and for your friendship, commitment & dedication !

Note from Xtreme-

 Beautiful Katherine, thank you for being such a good friend and client.  Your personal spirit and spirit as a mother are both so inspiring.  I love seeing you smile in the morning while making you reach for your goal.  Keep up all your hard work, it is paying off.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Junior Walker

  “There is working out and then there is training with Lubov. Lubov surpasses any conditioning or exercise regimen I have ever been a part of. Each session presents a physical and mental challenge and she introduces the technique in a simplified, creative manner. When I first began training with Lubov I could only swing a 10lb kettle bell and my cardio needed a lot of improvement. She assured me that as long as I remained determined to improve I could swing a 35lb and even a 50lb kettle bell! Eventually I met my goal and I am in the best shape of my life because of her program (I am periodically swinging a 50lb kettle bell). Her training provides me with the cardio I need for boxing and it has encouraged my wife and I to become more food conscientious. This is more than extreme training; it is a life style change which encompasses body, mind, and a consideration for long-term health and vitality. You will not be disappointed in this program.” 

Note from Xtreme Gary

Coming soon...

Coconut Creek

Melissa Knight

"I have been working out regularly for about 3 years. It wasn't until I joined Lu and Xtreme body upgrade 7 months ago that I started to see significant results. Besides putting together awesome workouts she also educated me on how to eat healthy. I have changed my eating habits for the better but never feel deprived or like I am on a diet."

Note from Xtreme-

Melissa's measurements:

waist: 34.5 BEFORE -  NOW is 31.0 inches

hip:40.5 BEFORE -  NOW 38inches

right thigh: 25.5 BEFORE -  NOW 22.5 inches

left thigh: 25.0 BEFORE -  NOW 22.0 inches

She also lost an inch of each arm and pounds of weight.


Deerfield Beach