Health & Food


1 Add flavor to your food!

Instead of using high calories sauces, try spice options like cumin and garlic powder, cayenne and ginger.

2 Follow the 1 out of 3 rule

I love going out to restaurants. But to keep from overdoing it, I pick 1 out of 3 BIG temptations: a cocktail, the bread basket or dessert.

3 Eat slowly!

Wolfing down your food results in eating more than you need to. If you take your time, you'll be more satisfied and enjoy what you're eating.

4 Sip your drinks!

I feel the same way about cocktails as I do about food: Pick something to sip slowly, not something to suck down! You'll be less likely to drink one after another and pile on the calories. A good glass of wine always does the trick for me.

5 Put your healthy food in one place!

Sometimes I mindlessly munch on whatever I see  in the fridge. But if I keep all my healthy choices in one cupboard, I know exactly where to look for good options.

6 Mix up your salad!

Break out of your salad rut! I used to bring the same salad for lunch every day. It was so boring that I'd throw it away and eat something unhealthy. Now I add fresh veggies, nuts, avocados, beans - things to keep me interested so I won't stray from my plan.