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SpinCity Indoor Cycling and Fitness workouts scare off unsightly pounds; helping bodies of all shapes and sizes achieve their fitness goals, desired dress sizes, and dreamscape pants widths. Oscillating between fun indoor/ outdoor workouts and indoor cycling, SpinCity troop leaders guide fitness fans through physically demanding regimen and sculpts, tones, and shapes statures. Sweat soldiers can burn 500-1,000 calories in a single session/class.

Select a fitness level that fits your comfort level, such as beginner, intermediate, advanced and then steam ahead with the support and motivation of fellow exercise enthusiasts. Classes and private sessions focus on cardio, flexability, core building, and upper-and lower-body strength training, improving stamina and curbing desires to replace legs with segway wheels.

You can also choose to join our awesome indoor cycling classes. Our workouts are a cross between gym membership and a personal - training session. With an avarage ratio of 10 students per every skilled and friendly drill sergeant, soon-to-be slim bodies get the attention and inspiration needed to maintain full-throttle commitment levels throughout each class.